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Compassion fatigue may also be present if a doctor experiences certain medical afflictions like frequent headaches, hypertension, disturbances in sleeping, and gastrointestinal problems Pfifferling and Gilley The general idea is for one to care for himself.

Compassion Fatigue

This article reports the results of a qualitative and quantitative longitudinal study that analyzes the effects of regular exposure to trauma patients on caregivers. Poor eating habits can be one of the physical needs to be addressed.

Figley explains his theory and says that while the work of helpers undoubtedly brings joy because such work is more like a calling, it is equally true that such work could be emotionally toxic Figley To him also, compassion fatigue is the result of media reflection that fails to feature in yet greater levels the relative scenario that comes as real life situation to the human population.

S government in handling humanitarian crises. Exercise and relaxation is one of another physical need of a care giver. Anxiety, depression frustration, grief feeling guilty, feeling overwhelmed, increasing anger are some of the emotional feelings to be addressed.

By addressing the spiritual needs, one can cope up with difficult situation. Sleep disturbance or lack of sleep is another physical need.

Compassion Fatigue Essay

Poor training or lack of supervision can also lead to burnout. He also describes compassion fatigue as emotional fallout or wear and tear that could lead to burnout.

If one can take couple of extra care, then to a limit, can avoid this nutritional imbalance, like try to eat three well balanced meal per day, try to include fruits and vegetables and try to have healthy diet, drink enough water, and avoid coffee and sodas as much as can.

Encourage cooperation, not competition, even through subtle cues: They may no longer care about what happens to their patients. The warning signs Compassion is one of the fundamental natures of nursing.

Finally, he also recommends organizing a staff support group with whom he could discuss common and unique experiences, while at the same time building a trust relationship with the staff Lamendola Having time for oneself, such as having family time, dinner together, eating a friend.

Compassion training programssuch as those out of Emory University and Stanford Universityare revealing how we can boost feelings of compassion in ourselves and others.

To her, the anticipations of the media in this way are only skewed to create a continued positive correspondence of the good and hospitable environment envisaged in America at the expense of other nations encountered by calamities Moeller,p.

They must have healthy habits which will keep them physically able to complete their jobs. Caregivers must also have healthy boundaries as they should be able to leave their work behind them when they are at home. Further, literature on the subject, particularly that provided by Figley provides for three categories of reactions to work with trauma victims, namely, cognitive shifts, relational disturbances, and indicators of psychological distress and dysfunction.

Compassion Fatigue Essay - Part 2

Another warning sign is also that the professional may feel put upon by their colleagues. According to recent research, burnout correlate to decreased patient satisfaction increased infection rates and increased patient mortality.

Newman August 1, Loneliness can strike at any age, although the cause might be different. Compassion fatigue can also begin to mirror symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder which can be known as secondary trauma syndrome. Such acknowledgment would advise a person of the potential dangers involved and the therapeutic value of such exposure Clark and Gioro Often one will find difficulty to do their duty because unable to concentrate on the task.

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Self-care should also be incorporated into the work culture. He explains that health professionals should recognize that dealing with traumatized patients on a daily or regular basis would take an emotional toll Figley The article also provides information on how to identify compassion fatigue.

In this endeavor, it is important for people to feel comfortable within the group, if positive impact is desired. Emotional health and caregivers These causes can lead to compassion fatigue which leads to detrimental symptoms in professionals.

It is important to express the feelings. This means that there was a time when the protective barriers of consciousness are broken Ball Thus, vicarious traumatization is not always a possibility Collins and Long Reference Moeller, S Thus, there is a view that literature on the subject should be changed in order to be more holistic and comprehensive as to cover the full range of effects of interaction with traumatized patients Collins and Long The article of Lamendola explores the role of compassion in the nursing profession, and aims to show that compassion does not precipitate professional burnout; rather, compassion could prevent it.October 06, Combating Compassion Fatigue Burn out is a state of mental tiredness, that a health care worker gradually gets.

At this point the health care worker feels completely empty and worthless. Compassion Fatigue: Traumatic Stress Disorders Words | 6 Pages. Introduction/Summary Compassion fatigue is the combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion associated with caring for patients in significant emotional pain and physical distress (Anewalt, ; Figley, ).

Empathy Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Animal Rescuers A valuable essay by Kasia Galazka is a must read because the work is never done. Posted Jan 23, Compassion fatigue is defined as “The emotional residue or strains of exposure to working with those suffering from the consequences of traumatic events” (The American Institute of Stress, n.d.).

Compassion fatigue occurs when healthcare workers, especially those who work with patients one-on. On a continuum with burnout, compassion fatigue is a step over and both “burnout and compassion fatigue puts both the health care workers and their patients at risk” (Portnoy,p.

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Essay on compassion fatigue
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